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This website is set by Feishang Group.  Prior to the use of the website, please read the following clauses in detail:

The material, data, information and other content are provided by Feishang Group.  Any act by any person of visiting the website, reading any content, downloading any material or using the material, data, information or other content provided by the website means to agree to obey these clauses.  If you do not understand, accept or agree to any of these clauses, please do not use this website or download any information or material from it.  Feishang Group reserves the rights to update the website content and/or the following clauses at any time without prior notice.  These updates shall be binding on you as their successors.  We suggest that you browse the web page from time to time and read the clauses in effect at a particular time in detail.

Copyright declaration

Feishang Group owns the title to the ownership, copyright and other rights with reservation of the material, data, information, page design, picture, photo, video, process, audio, application and other contents on the website.  Without prior written consent from Feishang Group and relevant title owners, no copying, reproduction, proliferation, publication, republication, editing or display any content of the website by any means shall be allowed.  Also, without written consent from Feishang Group, nobody shall be allowed to make mirror image on servers which do not belong to Feishang Group of any content on the website.  Any unauthorized act of using the website and/or its content may be against the laws, regulations or legal instruments of standards of the People’s Republic of China and relevant international norms.
Declaration on the name of domain
The names of the domains of www.fei-shang.com are owned by Feishang Group.  Without written authorization of Feishang, no organization or individual shall be allowed to use.

Exemption declaration

The content of the website is prepared based on the facts known to Feishang at the time of preparation.  Although efforts have been made to ensure its accuracy, Feishang Group, within the prescribed scope of the laws, does not give any guarantee, either implied or expressed, to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, time effectiveness, safety, usability, sales fitness, application for certain purchases, protection from computer virus and infringement the rights of others, of its content or contained text, graph, picture, video, material, link, explanation, statement or other items.  The expression or implied ideas of the articles and materials republished by the website does not represent the opinion of Feishang Group.  Feishang Group may change the content of the website at any time without making prior or special notice, and does not pledge to make update in good time when changes take place to content or give you notice at the time of update.

Feishang Group does not make statements or pledges to any of the followings: this website may meet your requirements; the stability of the server; you may access, glimpse, read, copy and use this website;  to the content of the website, there will be no errors in printing, copying, entry, operation or in other areas; there will be no delay, failure, mistake or negligence or information loss to the transmitted data or material; or during the transmission there will be no virus or other contaminating or destructive substances, or your computer system will not be harmfully affected.  You shall be responsible by yourself to protect and backup data, material and/or equipment in a sufficient way, and to take preventive measures to scan any computer virus or other destructive substances.

The electronic mail sent to our company via internet may not be completely safe.  If you send us email via internet or we send email to you via internet as per your requirements, we shall not be responsible for any losses you may sustain herefrom. Due to the characteristics of the internet, communications or transactions may be disturbed, transmission may be interrupted, delayed or wrong.  We shall not be responsible for any failures of communication facilities, which is beyond our control or affect the accuracy and timeliness of the communication between the user of the website and our organization.  Under any circumstances, to any direct, indirect, connected, special, derived or punitive loss to any third person (including but not limit to profit loss, reputation ruin, information data loss and property damage etc) arising from the use of the website or the failure of access, Feishang Group shall not be obliged for any legal responsibilities (even when Feishang Group has been informed of the possibility of the occurrence of such compensation) by the reason of contract breach, infringement or other litigation reasons.
The links to any third party websites provided by the website are for the convenience of the visitors, these websites, however, are beyond the control of Feishang. Feishang Group will not be deemed as giving any consent, confirmation, approval, recommendation, guarantee or introduction to such third party websites or the use of its products or service.  When any person links to such third person websites or uses its products or service, he/she shall be responsible for risks.  Unless other specified, Feishang Group has no relationship with the owner or operator of such third party websites and Feishang Group has no control, rights or interests to such third party websites.  Feishang Group shall not be responsible for any network transmission received or transmission of any kind through the links on the website to any third party websites.

Privacy protection declaration

We respect the privacy of our visitors.  Without the consent of the visitors, we do not collect the personal information of the visitors.  The email address, information and addresses known through service will not be disclosed to any third person without the consent of the visitors, unless such act is required by law or governmental mandatory regulations.  The login and entry log automatically recorded by the website server is for the purpose of security.

Software download declaration

Unless otherwise stated, any software and relevant documents downloaded from the website are all pieces of works of Feishang Group under the protection of People’s republic of China and/or international copyrights.  When you download and use software from the website, you shall comply with all the license clauses in license agreement attached to such software.  Unless you agree the clauses in license agreement in advance, you will not be able to download or install any software or use any related documents attached with license agreement.  To any material or software downloaded from the website, you agree not to reproduce such material or software, also agree not to delete or hide any copyright statement or other notices or instructions in such material or software.  Feishang Group does not make any statement or promise to the accuracy, function or performance of the software related to the website and maybe used by any third person.

Feishang Group reserves the rights to terminate you browsing this website and/or any of its content without giving prior or special notice.

If the use or distribution of the information provided on the website would violate the laws or regulations of the specific country or area where it is used or distributed, then you shall not use or distribute the information from the website in such country or area.

Any litigations or disputes arising from the website shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.  All parties agrees to accept the jurisdiction of the courts in the People’s Republic of China.

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